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Life was never simple, before things started flowing in air. Few scientists and engineers made it possible to travel the voice and video miles in seconds. Thanks to human brain.
Technology never restricts itself and many inventions took place in past and many are on their way.
This concept gave birth to Radio. In recent years Radio revamped its style casino pa natet and again got revitalized to make a come back into the entertainment industry. Now, there are numerous number radio channels flooded on different frequencies. And FM (frequency modulation) is I guess most popular for regional choices, which is often use for short and clear transmition.
It hit the market and concept is now selling gangbusters. People are looking up it for their business. Suddenly a group of society turned up and find addicted to it. Now they are in almost every Indian languages (including English).


Heading on a vacation solitarily is one of the fastest emerging travel trends among Indians,especially women and is making news for the young blood!

In this day and age where people are taking giant strides in the technological era;people have been sustaining themselves in a hectic life juggling family and work responsibility ;travelling alone is the panacea you need.Travellers claim that solo travel is the best way to see the world because you experience everything without dealing without anyone else’s prejudices,tastes or preferences.

As a novice,the very thought of strolling alone can be daunting but it sets you on a voyage of self discovery.You can either spend your day doing nothing or hop from one city to another.You can loll on a beach or visit remote ruins. Neither do you have to worry about your fellow travellers nor do you have to line up to what others want from the vacation.

Travelling alone lets you welcome changes with open arms. You don’t have to fit into any group or anyone’s agenda,give explanations or even disappoint anyone. You can even alter your plans whenever you wish to and always stay independent.

If you are venturing out for the first time ,you are bound to be apprehensive of the anonymous but when you are on your own,you are more aware of your vicinity. After travelling alone you will become stronger and confident about yourself.

Travelling solo is invigorating . As you interact with new people,your dynamics and conversations are deep and far more fulfilling. In addition to this,you gather time to pamper yourself silly,indulge in adventure sports,gorge on local cuisines and so on.

Countries like Costa Rica ,Ireland and the Philippines aren’t expensive countries and are known to be safe for tourists. Lodging charges are nominal and you can simply halt at the countryside where people rent out a part of their house.

So,here I can wrap it up by just confessing that if you’ve been leading a stressful life ,here’s when you cab take a break from work,colleagues,families,friends etc and spend time to make new friends and be with yourself.;)