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Kamesh Tripathi: Program Co-ordinator

Hello Everyone,

By profession I am a Software Engineer working with an MNC. Apart from being a Software engineer, I am a choreographer and theater actor as well. I feel great when I get a chance to utilize my skills to assist those people who need online casino it and add some happiness to their lives. SARAS PRAYAS is like my family where I enjoy working with the team and keeping alive my skills by putting my efforts in my way.




Swati Aggarwal

I am a Chartered Accountant. Being a C.A, my profession teaches me integrity n parity. I believe and attempt to practice the same in my routine life as well through the events of Saras Prayas. I always wished to contribute my spare time to the upliftment of socially disadvantaged children. My vision is that every child gets the privilege of being treated at par and educated to prosper. If a child compromises on basic education solely due to the reason that his/her family treats him/her as a bread earner, its sad but reality.. Every successful person witnesses his journey from rags to riches. Lets give them the opportunity and platform to get educated and attain a satisfactory position(atleast) in life by their dedication. I find myself satisfied when i see smile on such faces through my little efforts in my daily life by way of Saras Prayas events. I consider it as my responsibility. :)

Mohit Jain

I’m a chartered accountant. I always believe that everybody is the architect of their own future but Saras Prayas gives me the opportunity and the platform to fill some moments of joy & happiness in the little hearts of our socially deprived brothers and sisters, to guide and assist them for a positive change in their lives and to boost their morale and confidence by which they can stand in a position where they win every battle of their lives.

Ankush Munjal

I am a mechanical engineer by profession, being a part of the group means a lot to me. I always try to help others online casino by any means and Saras Prayas gives me all this with satisfaction. It is not easy to find time from your busy and hectic schedule but believe me do it once and you will never regret…
Always make others smile…:)

Shyam Shukla: Joint Secretary

I am working in IT industry as a Quality Analyst and currently employed in HCL America Inc. I have joined Saras Prayas with a vision to contribute towards our society to casino online make it better and clean as much as possible and help to those who really needed support. I really feel proud to be a part of this Group.

Bhasker Chaurasia: Joint Secretary

I am employed in a software firm as a Quality Analyst. As my profession advocates to provide quality and error free softwares, I started thinking about the same thing in my personal life and found online slots out that if each and every person gives his/her best towards the nation, we can make our nation defects free  ;-) . I am highly devoted towards animal welfare activities.  As an executive member in Saras Prayas, I am doing prayas to make our goal achievable in every aspect. Last but not the least for all Saras Prayas Members-
Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.