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Saurabh Sharma: Treasurar

I am pursuing CIMA and working with a bank. I have joined Saras Prayas to contribute my possible efforts towards the betterment of the society by various means and yes, it has become a big part of my self-esteems need too. Really proud about being a part of this group.

Mayank Sharma: Vice-President

I am an electrical engineer by degree :lol: and VP of Saras Prayas. I always wanted to contribute something towards the society & here I got a chance. Working together here  gives me mental satisfaction. For me happiness  is the most precious thing on earth so I would really feel proud if I can bring smiles on few faces. I will strive to work with full zest & zeal to contribute in upliftment of society & and to make others follow the same path. I am working  closely with Sonal to assist her in all kind of decisions making and planning of Saras Prayas.

Pankaj Sharma

By profession I am one those million people working out there for IT firms. And I love what I do 8-) .. Not kidding !
But, it feels good when you can say “I have been working with a group of people who are doing their bit for well being of society”

Saras Prayas is like a family where we have been exchanging ideas and working hard for social upliftment. I know we are quite new and have a long way to go but casino pa natet as long as I am enjoying while I work for society and have something to smile about whenever I go home after a SARAS event, it is worth a wait !!

~ We do come across situations and moments where we feel If we could do something for someone in need. Saras Prayas is that forum for me ~

Chandan Singh: Program Co-ordinator

Hello Everyone,

By profession I am a software engineer working with an MNC and always ready to contribute my time to needy people. I used to do social works and help others whenever required and always wanted to join a group where I can see motivated people who are ready to help and give their contribution to improve the living standard of society. Here at Saras Prayas my dream comes true as I am very passionate about Music/Dance and I can pursue my dancing by teaching to those socially deprived kids who can not afford to go dance institute and I have also learnt many things by spending time with all members of saras prayas. It’s like a school where you can go and earn “Gyan” of the life.

Saras prayas is a family for all of us and we as a team work together and by putting a small effort we are trying to educate the society and helping the needy people.

– Chandan Singh (Rathore)

Akshaya Vashishth: Program Manager

I am partially into software industry and devote my rest of the time for Saras Prayas. I always dreamt for a corruption free and a healthy Society. And there is no other way to develop such sense in society than reach-out to the kids (the budding future of nation) and educate them about their moral & fundamental duties and make them stand in society. My work is to make Saras Prayas’s events/programs fruitful and bring it to the right Audience.

Sonal Vashishth: President

I am an Interior Designer by profession. Saras Prayas is my passion. I always wanted to be a part of a system where I could actively contribute online casino towards the upliftment of the society and I believe Saras Prayas provides me with the right platform. My responsibility as the President of this group is to take care of all the programs & events so that the right message is conveyed and maximum benefit can be delivered to the needful.