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As I squatted down chewing the graphite of my pencil ,mulling over the paper, the unsung sagas of the sources of life: WOMEN, my mind worked like the shaft of a motor’s rotor, not able to adjudge the beginning and termination of the woeful vicious circles.

We are brought up in a land where every natural water body is considered pious and has a tale to tell ,and the innumerable peaks are considered to be the abodes of various mythological heroes(I doubt their divinity though).

So today I meditated about the above highlighted theme ,in accordance,with the perennial reverberations on “Women’s safety and empowerment ” by the news channels who are selling it like hot cakes and cold beer;) ;I reacquainted myself with certain “facts- of -the -matter’ while treading on this topic….These news channels vociferate that
the wincing cries in pain of women are heard by the deaf ears of the govt and the police;and hence “the govt and police” have to undergo meticulous scrutinisation yielding in myriad stigmas on their personalities.

But I claim for their innocence in such cases;and interrogate every complainant that in a nation where Women are coveted to be goddesses:the banks of wisdom and the drains of wealth, why should such divine creatures pull out pepper sprays from their kitchen shelves and use it for self defence from the delirious beasts instead of just using it for ‘seasoning their pastas’?

Why is the biological layout of a woman such that it surpasses through layers of lewd comments and fear in the hearts and minds of women whenever they engage in flings?….why are they the ones who lack in physical endurance and strength and have to creep over a guy(be it even a bodyguard let alone father,brother ,husband etc) in hours of calamity and endless sufferings?….when we are preached to be committed to only one being in our lives via the religious texts then why do we worship the gods who practiced polygamy,put at stake their wife while gambling?….it is just because we all are gigantic hypocrites who are corroding the society and its dwellers so slowly and softly that we won’t probably realize it till one day …the dawn breaks itself directly into the dusk…sparing us with dearth of sunshine…yes..i mean it.

Police can never ever be vigilant enough to break the shackles of the houses and catch the rapists red hand.

It’s the all mighty- almighty who can and He is probably relishing such events and that’s why we still have to look for scapegoats in the patrolling and the governance.

It’s he who has made female a second sex and it is in his name that we manifest women equivalent to several goddesses and the giver of life.

I would wrap it up with one short story:few days I came across a mother consoling her two year old son who was cribbing to go to school by saying that”why don’t you let me make you dress up smartly by being quiet….aren’t you interested in luring girls in school?” !

And that’s Where we as humans are wrong ,yes,There…Where women (that mom in this case) don’t respect themselves.

Without a doubt,that child was clueless about what his mom said but the sad part is that, he will grow up under her guidance and one day imbibe from her that girls are just meant to be lured, to be treated as sex objects….and even that day without a pinch of hint of what’s going on,he will obey his mother and trust her blindfoldedly .

I ask, where is that boy wrong, we all are raised by our parents …..taught what they wished us to learn and where was the scope in our formative years to doubt our parents’ upbringing?

But I know that 20 years later,we will blame that boy for being an animal, but what else can a being be bereft of the one he is trained to be ?