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How to push kids

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    Key Master

    Guys I would like you to share your ideas on ‘How to create bond with these kids’.As I can see it will be the biggest challenge for us.


    Key Master

    I think by appriciating their each effort and award them in the end of the day for their good work will work. We need to maintain our quality work and need a planned workshop.


    Following are the points I.can think of:
    1. Distributing sweets and chocolates on festivals.
    2. Making them things that they want to learn. In which the kids have interest. Eg painting, dancing, drama etc.
    3. Organising a small sport activity in the campus where the kids are living. Eg race, sack race, badminton, musical chairs etc.
    4. Taking them to a trip on places nearby such as red fort, india gate etc.
    5. Doing some small hilarious dramas and dances in front of them so as to create the interest on them.

    It might take time but I hope it is worth doing it.



    Guys thanks for sharing your thoughts now wish us good luck. We will be starting tomorrow keeping all your thoughts in our book.

    Saras Prayas

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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