About Us

When some of the core members of the team squatted together chirping about the myriad events that encircle us in a lighter vein, sipping coffee and pulling each others’ legs simultaneously; none had the preordained thoughts that the gist of the conversation would be ‘the birth of Saras Prayas’.

The numerous confrontations and confessions of all the members reflected the infuriation that all of us have to surpass by, whenever we pass by a homeless child strolling on roads, a child hunting for his future’s scraps in the filth, a child rolling over his sleeves to work at a construction site and so on…

Hence, the inevitable was at doorstep. We were ‘The Chosen Ones’ to act as a launching pad to send our youth into the orbit layered with self belief, driven by passion and enhanced by their exotic personalities by means of :

  • Theatre Workshops,
  • & Craft classes,
  • c Workshops

Theatre plays/workshops are panned out to offer the young kids with a podium that liberates them to shed off their inhibitions and express themselves more freely. The art and Craft workshop are dwelled on the thought of channelizing the innovative dogged adherence that every child is blessed with. To enliven ourselves in serene and rejuvenating ambience, we have also worked laboriously to ensure that Green turns into the new Pink & the new Blue.

ur initiative is to fill the gap and bring such kids at par with the society. Hence our focus is on extracurricular activities which has helped kids to realize their talents and polish it with their classroom education.

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