Our Volunteer

To continue our movement contribution of talent and time is as significant asĀ financial support. Hence calling upon your support, innovative ideas and conscious efforts to participate in our programs to speed up movement to change India. Volunteers are required to teach the children something more than what is in the books.

One can volunteer on the following issues.

Theatre, Music and Art & Craft

  1. Assist in conducting workshops for theatre plays and music.
  2. Assist or be a part of team while street plays
  3. Have sheer interest in learning new and different concepts.
  4. Spend time with children introduce them in learning process.
  5. Training in creative & trust exercises.
  6. Assist in campaigning on various issues by various forms of art.

  1. Assist in planning and execution in Fundraising activities.
  2. Help in doing door to door survey in all locations and analysis .
If you are interested please fill up the following form and we will get back to you: